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  1. Curlfest 2018

    We had the privilege of attending Curl Fest 2018 this weekend. It was a fun experience celebrating women and men who choose to where their hair in its natural curly state.

  2. Tourist of the Week: Aya

  3. Best Friends in New York City

  4. NYC Wedding | Central Park Elopement

  5. TJ and Emily | Manhattan Proposal

  6. Seu Jorge - Blue Note Jazz Club

  7. Salt N Pepa Birthday Bash

  8. The Forest Whispers

  9. Interview With Miss America 2012 - Nana Meriwether

    Yesterday Achim Harding Photography had the privilege to photograph Miss America 2012, Nana Meriwether, during her interview with Ultimate Glam! Be sure to check out Amber and Tiffany Dawson’s blog post on

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